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                  ABEL'S PROMISE

                                             a Promise is Forever

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Abel Trailerprom·ise

A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen.
Assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.
noun. pledge – undertaking – vow – word – engagement – hope
verb. pledge – vow – give one’s word – make a promise


They come and go, but it begins with story.

A Crossen

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Anthony Crossen – Writer-Director, Producer


Abel Polaski

Imagine you’re a cop, a cop on the beat. Think about it. Your job, day-in and day-out, is to confront people. You confront strangers about the mistakes they make. Your job is to tell people that they’re screwing up.

It’s not a natural act. Confronting complete strangers is hard. It may lead to conflict, and worse, violence. So you’re always on alert, always ready for a potential attack. Then it seeps into your personal life. You’re at the store or the gas station, and see crime. You profile and evaluate everyone who crosses your path.  You’re on alert, 24/7.

Eventually, you realize that you and your family are surrounded by a tide of evil. You witness the worst in people every day on patrol, and there’s always another bad guy around the next corner. You invent axioms to filter who you confront.

“If I stop to pick up every piece of trash along my path, I will never get to where I’m going.”

But the tide never ends.

Your purpose on patrol becomes pointless. The constant confrontation becomes stressful. After so many years, you apply and pass the Detective’s Examination, hoping to stem your exposure to the tide, to at least have a direct impact on evil. Instead, your exposure worsens to the utmost horrifying underbelly of humanity.

Your home and your family become your sanctuary. If you can protect that, the safety and innocence of your kids, the integrity and fidelity of your marriage, then maybe, despite all the shit you’re up against every day, there is still hope.


From an interview last September on his last Sunlounger release.  We get the idea Roger Shah isn’t some flash in the pan.  And we’re beside ourselves that he wants to work with us.

We Still Can’t Believe It – ROGER SHAH

Roger Shah LargeYES!!!  We really have Roger Shah on board for the soundtrack!

Roger Shah ’s reputation in the international EDM scene spans over 20 years,with a track record of more than 500 releases on some of the largest and most successful international record labels like Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner, as well as all leading EDM labels such as Armada, Black Hole, Ministry Of Sound, Kontor and Ultra.

As a producer he has worked with and produced for artists such as Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Sarah MacLachlan, Ferry Corsten, Kosheen, Bryan Adams and Moya Brennan, who is best known for her works with Hollywood producers like Hans Zimmer. Roger’s unique live performances have been rewarded for five consecutive years in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll and received a double EMPO nomination for Best Trance & Progressive DJ and Best Radio Show.

He is probably the only EDM artist who works directly for Disney in Hollywood as a composer and who is negotiating soundtrack deals for film projects in 2014. With his unique, globally renowned Balearic music style, he not only celebrates great success as a solo artist but also under various monikers. The most prominent alias is his Sunlounger project, with which he had chart entries on almost every continent. Roger releases most of his productions on his own Magic Island imprint with global sub-licenses. It is also the name of his famous weekly radio show, which is broadcasted on dozens of FM stations across the globe. He had chart success in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico and many other countries. The fact that Roger harvested more than 90 million views on Youtube and hosted thousands of live performances all over the world are the logical result.

Sunlounger is without doubt Roger’s best-known nom de plume. It was under this handle that he released the “Another Day on The Terrace ”long -player in 2008. It reached No.1 on the Dutch iTunes’ all-music-genres chart and included the single “White Sand ”,which is still considered one of the biggest EDM classics of the last decade. In 2009 Roger released the Sunlounger follow-up album “Sunny Tales ”,featuring the acclaimed single “Lost ”- a track that took the illustrious ‘Single of 2008′ title on the ASOT radio show and reaped numerous #1 airplay positions across the globe.The third Sunlounger album,“The Beach Side of Life ”,was released in 2010 and his latest longplayer “Balearic Beauty ”which entered the ITunes Top 30 in 50+countr ies including multiple number 1 spots as well as number 1 airplay chart results.

On stage he is impossible to miss. Wireless keyboard in one hand, an ever-ready clutch of his own productions in the other, his live, crowd-interacting performances have brought an entirely new experience to clubs, arenas and festivals worldwide with main stage and headline performances at some of the biggest festivals across the globe including the Ultra Music Festival, A State Of Trance or Gatecrasher to name but a few!

Links: www.rogershah.net           www.facebook.com/rogershahartist

www.twitter.com/roger_shah        www.youtube.com/rogershah

www.mixcloud.com/RogerShah    www.soundcloud.com/RogerShah

The Talent

We’re excited to feature recording artist, Doug Mattingly, as Abel and Tiffany Royale as Miranda.

Mouse over their photos for more information about these talented thespians.

Abel and Miranda are a progressive couple, driven together by the necessity of the inner city.  Now, twelve years removed from the trouble in their youth, their marriage is threatened by an old, familiar foe.

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Doug Mattingly as AbelTiffany Royale as Miranda

ABEL’S PROMISE (2015) Official Trailer

Starring Doug Mattingly, here’s the first glimpse at Abel Polaski, a dude with a problem.



Abel Polaski played by Doug Mattingly

Abel’s Promise writer-director, Anthony Crossen, sat down with us to discuss what motivated him to conjure this unique story…

AC:  “Abel’s Promise came from an issue I think is underrepresented in the movies: men in pain.  (Laughing)  I guess all my movies deal with men in pain.  My first feature script, Pieces of Silver, is an action-horror yarn, but at its root it’s about teen rage, feeling unloved and lost after your parent’s divorce.   In OP Winchester, an optioned but unproduced Afghan war movie, a young Soldier is plagued by his father’s death.  His search for a replacement comes to a head when he has to decide to move past his hang ups, to move on with his life in order to survive.”

Why haven’t we heard of these other movies?

AC:  “Pieces of Silver is out to market, but it was my first script.  OP Winchester has been optioned three times, but no takers.  It’s currently available.”

Why aren’t there more films dealing with men in pain?

AC:  “There have been some [films].  Nick Cage won that Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas,  a character in obvious pain.  Christopher Nolan deals with men’s pain in the Batman series, Inception, and most recently, Man of Steel.  But for the most part, you’re right.  We never go too deep, and it’s always overshadowed by fantastic violence.  Remember Die Hard?  That John McClane guy was agonizing over his wife, but the issue was quickly swept aside as the action unfolded.  Violence seems to come from a place motivated by the filmmakers trying to tell a cool story.

“My point of view comes from personal experience, three combat deployments.  When you’re confronted with being away from your loved ones for a year, and the realities of ‘kill or be killed…’  I experienced a fundamental switch in my psyche regarding boundaries I thought I’d never personally cross.

“I’ve been blown up.  I’ve experienced death in combat.  Very quickly, my mission became survival for me and my men, to get back home in one piece.  I decide that nothing – absolutely nothing – would get in the way of that, so long as I had the tools and maintained the initiative to make it happen.  I suddenly found it easy to do the inexplicable.  I thank God I never had to put a bad guy down or was ever in a protracted fire fight.  There are always consequences to violence, predominantly for the warfighter, a scarring of the mind.  But I can tell you from personal experience, it would not have been a problem.

“Anyway, I wanted to examine that with Abel’s Promise.  In the first act, Abel Polaski’s switch has already been flipped.  We learn as the story unfolds, what caused that switch to flip, and how far he goes to preserve his family.”

Thanks, Anthony.

AC:  “Thank you.”


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