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Several weeks ago we announced the Pick Your Pic Contest, where the photo from this set of eight with the most likes, gets in the movie, Abel’s Promise. Cameras roll TOMORROW and there’s a tie between pics #2 and #8.


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Abel’s Promise Teaser 7/3/13

Built from early b-roll footage from a concept I wrote as an aside, this scene isn’t actually in the film.  It’s an extra tidbit to deepen the mystery.

Again, thanks for your attention and helping to get the word by sharing this project with your friends and family.  ~AC

Things are Looking Up! Can you say, MOBY?

There have been some amazing things happening since I began moving forward on Abel’s Promise.  DestroyedBoth original actors which were cast almost two years ago weren’t only available, they were looking forward to playing in the movie.  That was good fortune.  Next, long time Director of Photography, Robert D. Eras – who I’d actually met through a Meetup group, Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire – became interested after hearing about the production, and volunteered his talents.  Then, I actually won a year long membership to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and all the software therein.

Now, just yesterday (July 1st) we’ve received word that Abel’s Promise has been authorized to use a music track by world famous electronic music artist, Moby!

Incredible good fortune for this production.  Please support us by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, subscribe to this blog, and share with your friends and family this humble production.

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Abel’s Promise

Abel’s Promise writer-director, Anthony Crossen, sat down with us to discuss what motivated him to conjure this unique story…

AC:  “Abel’s Promise came from an issue I think is underrepresented in the movies: men in pain.  (Laughing)  I guess all my movies deal with men in pain.  My first feature script, Pieces of Silver, is an action-horror yarn, but at its root it’s about teen rage, feeling unloved and lost after your parent’s divorce.   In OP Winchester, a screenplay about Soldiering in Afghanistan, the main character is plagued by his father’s death when he was a kid.  His search for a replacement dad comes to a head at the end, where he has to decide to move past his hang ups, to move on with his life.”

Why haven’t we heard of these other movies?

AC:  “Well, Pieces of Silver is out there, but it was my first script.  OP Winchester has been optioned before.  It’s currently under option.”

Why aren’t there more films dealing with men in pain?

AC:  “There have been some [films].  Nick Cage won that Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas,  a character in obvious pain.  Christopher Nolan deals with men’s pain in the Batman series, Inception, and most recently, Man of Steel.  But for the most part, we never go too deep, and it’s always overshadowed by fantastic violence.  Remember Die Hard?  That John McClane guy was agonizing over his wife, but the issue was quickly swept aside as the action unfolded.  The violence seems to come from a place motivated by the filmmakers trying to tell a cool story.

“My point of view comes from personal experience, three combat deployments.  When you’re confronted with being away from your loved ones for a year, and the realities of ‘kill or be killed…’  I experienced a fundamental switch in my psyche regarding boundaries I thought I’d never personally cross.

“I’ve been blown up.  I’ve experienced death in combat.  Very quickly, my mission became survival, to get back home in one piece.  I decide that nothing, absolutely nothing would get in the way of that, so long as I had the tools and maintained the initiative to make it happen.  I suddenly found it easy to do the inexplicable.  I thank God I never had to put a bad guy down, never in a protracted fire fight.  There are always consequences to violence.  But I can tell you from personal experience, it would not have been a problem.

“Anyway, I wanted to examine that with Abel’s Promise.  In the first act, Abel Polaski’s switch has already been flipped.  We learn, as the story unfolds, what caused that switch to flip, and what he does to preserve his family.”

Thanks, Anthony.

AC:  “Thank you.”


After a lengthy casting process almost two years ago, now, we were surprised that both our actors were still available and looking forward to Abel’s Promise finally getting off the ground.  Go the the CAST PAGE to learn more about these fine talents.

Brendan Hulbert

Click For Brendan’s Short Bio

Denise Dorado

Click for Denise’s Short Bio









Go to the CAST PAGE


Dir., A. Crossen. 6/21/13.

A few years back, I was working at an isolated Army base located between Las Vegas and Barstow, California.  There was a lot of time to think on that hour-long drive to and from work.  As the raw, naked terrain slipped by, revealing its massive scale around each bend, I couldn’t help wonder, how many bodies were buried out there?

How many missing persons have been laid to rest, hidden in plain sight, within the past hundred years?

So it only made sense as Abel’s Promise came into being, that the desert would feature prominently as a key location for the  action in this film.

Location scouting today for Abel’s Promise went pretty well.  Shot some promo stuff for the film’s website on both a GoPro Hero 3 Black and the Sony NEX-5N armed with a Canon FD 35-105mm f/3.5.  Sound was double system with a Zoom H1 and a lavalier mic.  Audio Technica, I think.

We’re shooting the movie on 5DMkIIIs.  Can’t wait. Principal photography begins in July.



A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen.
Assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.
noun. pledge – undertaking – vow – word – engagement – hope
verb. pledge – vow – give one’s word – make a promise

Abel’s Promise


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